Members of the association will have free of charge technical consultations including:

  • How to make a Jara hive
  • Choosing a location for an apiary
  • Settling a swarm in a Jara
  • How to correctly harvest Jara honey.

For more information please see Jara honey production guidelines.


Assistance in Bio certification

  • Providing information about the procedures and requirements of Bio certification
  • Conducting trainings;
  • Facilitating linkages
  • Monitoring the certification process

Oxalic acid Treatment by vaporizer

The advantage of vaporizing oxalic acid lies in its efficiency both in time, efficacy and ease of use.  It is especially easy to use for Jara hives. While using a vaporizer, there is no need to open a hive, the equipment just needs to be taken close to the bee’s entrance. This service is available for a reasonable fee calculated on the basis of the location of the apiary and number of Jara hives. 


Assistance in sales of Jara honey

The JBA assists its members in sales of Jara honey. Since 2018, with active engagement and hard work of the JBA, linkages have been established between Jara beekeepers and honey aggregator and Jara honey is being commercially harvested. As a result of successful harvest, packaged and labeled according to the international standards, Jara honey is available for consumers in both local and international markets.


Bestow the quality mark

Jara beekeepers, who comply with the quality assurance standards for the production of Jara honey set by the JBA, will be granted the right to use the quality mark (officially registered at the National Intellectual Property Office of Georgia, Sakpatenti) on their label by the association.